syrpha2020 - lg children's pony

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Blu Suede Shoes Jasmine Bagwell Jessica Washburn 7 505.00
2    Glynhafen Peter Pan Amy Schwartz Sydney Frank 8 400.50
3    Montana's Black Pearl Norah Finocchario Ella Michaels
Norah Finocchario
9 329.50
4    Twist and Shout Siobhan Stubbe Siobhan Stubbe 1 46.50
Horse: Blu Suede Shoes
Owner: Jasmine Bagwell
Rider: Jessica Washburn
Shows: 7
Horse: Glynhafen Peter Pan
Owner: Amy Schwartz
Rider: Sydney Frank
Shows: 8
Horse: Montana's Black Pearl
Owner: Norah Finocchario
Rider: Ella Michaels
Norah Finocchario
Shows: 9
Horse: Twist and Shout
Owner: Siobhan Stubbe
Rider: Siobhan Stubbe
Shows: 1

Last Updated 12 Nov 2020


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